Future film Projects

The production company, All in Films, has several film project, TV shows and web series in development.


A lovable dog named Bandit who was trained to rob banks, has redeemed himself by working for the police. His job is now to catch criminals. His specialty is not only sniffing drugs but making sure that all petty thieves are brought to justice. He accompanies Owen, the boy that rescued him from the pound, at a summer stay away camp where he uncovers a dark plot that puts the kids and the camp in danger. The Bandit Hound is a family movie for both kids and adults.


When Sapphire was 4 years old she told her older siblings Pearl, Jade, and Copper, “there is no Santa Clause,” sending them all in a crying frenzy. The Will To is an improvisational comedy set in NY and LA that follows the trials and tribulations of three sisters and a brother. They will fight tooth and nail for an inheritance their grandfather has left them. Their bond is so deep that one moment they will kill for each other and the next.


Tess O’Neill is an investigative journalist assigned to profile renewed television personality and psychic medium Judith Knight. Judith claims to make contact with people who have died, connecting them with people in the audience. The assignment is no accident. Tess is the daughter of the brilliant late science writer, Robert O’Neill, who would have never believed in Judith’s abilities. To Tess’ alarm, Judith claims that Tess’ dead father has visited her and that the profile is his idea. Tess’ every instinct suggests to her that Judith is a charlatan. But what if she’s not? Tess enlists the aid of Alex Rimbaud, a professional skeptic, and Robert’s former protégé. He is convinced that Judith is a con artist and plans to publish a magazine piece exposing her as a fraud. While Tess consults Alex, their long-repressed passion for each other is revived. Things begin to happen that make Tess start to question her long-held beliefs. Tess, Alex, and Judith are headed for a showdown as Tess is determined to learn the truth once and for all. Is Judith a fraud? Or is Robert actually trying to make contact with her from the Beyond? What will this bode for Tess’ and Alex’s future together?